Alviena Middleton's Red Pompadour Short Haircut with Hair Color


June / 2014

Alviena Middleton’s Red Pompadour Short Haircut with Hair Color


Salon: Blue Velvet Hair Studio
Stylist: Alvienia Middleton
Model: Jasmyn

As far as short hairstyles and black hairstyles go, this is a great combination of the two with a touch of punk thrown in via the mohawk. Once the hair has been cut into a mohawk, the look can be achieved through the use of hair gel or wave cream. Simply take the gel or wave cream and tamp down the sides, leaving only the top to deal with. The top can be shaped using a hot iron if necessary or simply by scooping it forwards and then back again with the gel or cream product. It can be difficult to change some short hairstyles or black hairstyles quickly to fit the occasion but this hairstyle is perfect for a casual picnic or for a night out on the town.


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