Short hairstyles for black women are currently all the rage. They are the hottest look for women of all ages, expressing their creativity, confidence, and individuality. Short hair ranges from the Bob to Pixie cuts that appear on big-name celebrities also. There is little doubt that these looks for black women are here to stay, therefore they will always excite. These stylish haircuts accentuate the features of the face and truly bring out the inner confidence that everyone possesses. These looks can let you make a statement and stand out in a crowd.

Over 800 Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle with Tapered Sides and Hair Color

UniversalSalons.Com is honored to feature over 800 short hairstyles for black women from professional hair salons from across the United States. Our relationships with these talented cosmetologists ensure that the styles we feature will always be up to date and trendsetting also. UniversalSalons.Com has a library of over 5,000 hairstyles of all shapes and sizes. Our hope is that you will view the libraries and find that one hairstyle that you just can’t live without. We also hope that once you find that perfect look, you’ll give the talented cosmetologist that created your look a chance to create your next signature hairstyle also. With over 5,000 styles from over 1,000 hair salons, we know you’re sure to find the look that’s best for you.

Holy Cow!!! UniversalSalons.Com has over 5,000 hairstyles.

Make sure you check back often because just like seasons change on a regular basis, so do hairstyle trends and UniversalSalons.Com adds new, trendsetting looks all the time. At. UniversalSalons.Com you’re likely to see top hairstyles that you won’t see anywhere else. Along with exclusive trends, you won’t see anywhere else, UniversalSalons.Com is the source of top-quality hairstyle images for some of the largest media publications in the world also.  We hope you find your next signature look while you thumb through our many galleries and images. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.




Is short hair hard to maintain?

One of the major benefits of a short hairstyle is the low amount of effort needed to maintain it. These hairstyles are considered easy to maintain.

If the hairstyle has a long bang, is it still considered short?

The length of the hair is generally determined by the hair at the nape area and around the ears. There are many short hairstyles that include long bangs.

Will your relaxer schedule change with short hair.

Relaxer schedules depend on the growth of the hair and not the length. You may need a partial relaxer more often though.